Arnold Eddy Volunteer Service Award

In 1992, in honor of Arnold Eddy, who served as Permanent Master of the Society from 1942 to 1955, the Skull and Dagger Society established the Arnold Eddy Volunteer Service Award. The award is presented annually at the Initiation Breakfast to a current member of the Society who has demonstrated exemplary volunteer service to the University of Southern California.

The following is a list of past recipients of this award:

1993 Lorna Young Reed
1994 John C. Argue
1995 Phyllis Norton Cooper
1996 Raymond Arbuthnot
Mary Kay Damson Arbuthnot
1997 Ann Bothwell
1998 Richard Van Vorst
1999 Herbert Klein
2000 Barbara Taft Galpin
2001 Robert Dockson
2002 George N. Boone
2003 Linda Dean Maudlin
2004 Otis M. Healy
2005 Gordon Gray
2006 L. Joe Enloe
2007 Hilton Green
2008 Sue and James Femino
2009 Albert D. Shonk, Jr.
2010 Dann V. Angeloff
2011 Yoshi Honkawa
2012 Gerald S. Papazian
2013 Janet and James Eddy
2014 Paul Salata
2015 Jane and Gale Bensussen
2016 Yvonne V. Bogdanovich
2017 William Heeres
2019 Ron Orr